Project 440 Student Spotlight: Javon Miner

Meet Project 440 Doing Good student, Javon Miner! Our interview highlights how participating in Project 440 has influenced his outlook on a career in the arts.


Q. Can you tell me about yourself and your relationship with music?

My name is Javon, and I’m an actor from Philadelphia. Even though acting is my main passion, I’ve also dabbled with music. I’ve been playing the drums for awhile now, and I’m currently trying to learn how to play the piano.

Q. How did you hear about Project 440 and what is your involvement with us?

I heard about Project 440 in late 2018. They came to my school to promote it to my class.

Q. I heard that you thought there might be a “catch” to Project 440 providing a stipend to students for completing our programs; after being in Doing Good for a whole year, what is the verdict?

When they told the class that they are willing to pay students who are involved in the program, the first thought in my mind was that there was a catch, but after being in the program I realized that there wasn’t anything suspicious about it. It was straightforward in fact. You had to be there and do the assignments. That’s it. Your attendance and the work you do is counted toward you stipend.


Q. Has participating in Doing Good changed the way you view music and the arts as a career path?

Being apart of the Project 440 program helped me understand that music is not only something that gives people pleasure. It can also be used as medicine. Music can be a way that people cope with problems they may have. It can also be used to convey certain messages and meanings to its audience.

Q. Has Project 440 helped you in pursuing your future goals?

Ms. Susanna is the person who teaches my class alongside Mr. Nozomi. She contacted a friend of hers and and helped set up a meeting for me and her friend to discuss my real-estate interest. After that I was offered an internship with the firm. All thanks to my teacher.


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