What is Project 440?

Project 440 is unique. Our programs don't focus on developing musicianship. We don’t teach music.

Instead, our creative youth development approach uses a shared love of music from any genre and the skills inherent in being a musician as a jumping off point to strengthen identity, build community, and ultimately help young people develop competencies they need to thrive.

Our core programs are: Instruments for Success, Doing Good and the College Fair for Musicians.


Project 440 is unique - here’s why.

How we help

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College and Career Preparedness

Which is a better fit: liberal arts college, university, or conservatory? How can students successfully navigate the often-confusing maze of financial aid, grants and scholarships? What are good strategies to wow college reps with auditions, essays and interviews?

We have answers to all of these questions!

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Leadership & Entrepreneurship

What does it mean to be a leader and an entrepreneurial musician in the 21st Century? We guide our students through a deeper exploration of career paths, and a social entrepreneurship exercise culminating in presentations to a “Shark Tank” panel of experts, complete with cool prizes!

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Community Engagement & Interactive Performance

How can musicians make musical performance more engaging and interactive for non-traditional audiences? How can they inspire younger children to follow in their musical footsteps? Our seminars address those questions and prepare students to create unique interactive performances they can present in unusual locations throughout their communities.

Our programs and partners


Your donation increases our ability to provide access to our programs to as many young people as possible.

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Will cover one student's stipend for one hour

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Will provide textbooks to four students

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will sponsor a workshop speaker at the annual College Fair for Musicians

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Will provide seed funding to one group of students, enabling them to implement an original entrepreneurial project

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What students are saying

My first eye-opening experience was a series of social entrepreneurship workshops with Project 440.
— Allen L., NYO2 Violinist
Through Project 440, I not only grew as a musician and performer, but also as an educator. I am very grateful for the invaluable lessons, opportunities, and experiences Project 440 has given me.
— Raymond Z., All City Bass Player