Congratulations to the Doing Good Class of 2019!

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We celebrated the 2019 Doing Good Graduation on May 9th and could not have ask for a better night! Doing Good is a 30-week intensive after-school entrepreneurial program that provides guidance to high school musicians who want to positively impact their communities. The unique curriculum challenges students to view their curiosity about the world as a window through which they can see the needs, gaps, and opportunities they are best equipped to address. Click here to learn more about Doing Good!

The graduation served as their final project for the program, presenting their community based artistic projects that they have begun to the graduation attendees! This year’s projects were:

T. Arts

Javon miner 

Our plan is to give, inspire, and expose the arts to students who need it to a program that will allow children who attend non-arts schools, to put on a show that includes both film acting and musical theater. They will have time to practice and perform each of their numbers, and get to enjoy the thrill of the dramatic arts.

Center City Chamber Orchestra+ (CCCO+)

Daniel Kim & Justin Williams

We plan to contribute to the Center City Chamber Orchestra - an orchestra created by students, performed by students, and led by students - by creating an educational component to their programming.

Generation Music

Chloe Cooper, Claire Casanova, Nayyirah Wood,

Kintan Silvany & Naomi Lukov

To educate the youth in classical music with a series interactive workshops and lessons through student knowledge of music.

Project Princeps

Jake Richards, Sarah Casanova & Grace Flickinger

To give every child the chance to experience the power of books through musically minded entrepreneurial ventures.

We want to send special thanks to our program director and teaching artist Susanna Loewy, teaching artist Nozomi Imamura, and the Curtis Institute for Music for sharing their space with us.


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