College Preparedness and Career Pathways

Applications for the Spring 2019 class are due January 31, 2019. Participation in Instruments for Success is limited to 30 students. 
Students who meet attendance and participation requirements are eligible to receive a stipend of up to $200/semester!*


Location: PSTV, 440 N. Broad Street

Instructors: Cigus the "College Fairy" and a series of guest career speakers


Spring 2019 Dates and Curriculum

February 6: Introduction to the Application Process
February 13: College Admissions Forms: what colleges are looking for
February 20: Career Speaker
February 27: College Admissions Testing: Myths and Legends, Options, and Timeline
March 6: Subjective Aspects of College Admissions: Essays, Interviews, Recommendations
March 13: Career Speaker
March 20: How does music fit into all of this?
March 27: All About Financial Aid
April 3: The Actual Process of Applying
April 10: Community Service and Giving Back; Student Questions and Concerns

*1 unexcused absence and up to 2 excused absences with at least 1 week notice (shorter if emergency) to allowed; note from parent required the following week if absence is due to illness.