Curriculum Description

This after-school workshop series expands our students' horizons as they transition into adulthood. The curriculum is based on the needs and interests expressed by students, parents, teachers, guidance counselors, college admissions officers, and school administrators. Each semester, we will present 10 sessions filled with information on every aspect of the college admissions process, one-on-one college counseling with a college specialist, and peer-to-peer mentoring. Professionals in a variety of careers will talk about what they do and the paths that led them to their current position. Students will emerge equipped to take on the challenges of the college admissions process and understanding how their musical talents can open doors. They will see clear paths to success through a variety of career opportunities, whether or not the become professional musicians.

We will also present weekend sessions for parents, from the perspective of a parent of a young musician, including opportunites to address their questions and concerns regarding their college-bound musicians.

Curriculum Description

Over the course of two semesters, our Doing Good students - the A Team - take their great ideas to the next level. We expose them to existing, successful and innovative ventures through a curriculum developed and delivered by industry experts. We teach the students about the entrepreneurial mindset. Working with our entrepreneur coaches and mentors, the students are encouraged to think creatively while learning how to turn a fledgling concept into reality. We give them hands-on experience with planning and marketing, determination and perseverance. We encourage them to seize the opportunity to use music as a tool to create a better world, and to be community leaders in the process. When they have completed the first semester, these young social entrepreneurs present their projects in the "shark tank" finale. They will then take the input and advice of our "sharks" and work with our mentors to fully develop their social entrepreneurship and community engagement projects.

Curriculum Description

This is P440's chamber ensemble/interactive performance program. Over the course of several weeks, our accomplished teaching artists coach small ensembles of young musicians in the art of interactive performance, P440-style. Although we also place a repertoire coach with each of the ensembles to ensure the highest possible level of artistry, our focus is on helping the students to create their own unique, engaging interactive program. Students learn how to write a script, how to collaborate as a team, and how to speak to their audiences. Once they have a script, Project 440 staff help them to find venues for presentation of their interactive performances. When our 440 Student Ambassadors play for younger children, they serve as role models, promoting their art form while building collaboration, leadership and public speaking skills.