Project 440 is unique. We do not teach students how to play their instruments - we use music as a tool to teach young musicians 21st Century life and career skills that will help them engage new audiences and will serve them as adults no matter what career path they choose. 


Your donation allows us to expand the educational enrichment opportunities available all music students in the School District of Philadelphia. We at Project 440 believe that young musicians in Philadelphia should have the opportunity to benefit from using music as a tool to create positive change. You can help make that change possible.

Spread the Word

Tell your friends and family about Project 440.  Becoming an advocate is another great way to make an impact. Share your enthusiasm for Project 440 on social media. Encourage your family and friends to become advocates and join you by making a gift to Project 440.



Mail a check

Don't want to donate online? Mail checks to:
Project 440, 1315 Walnut Street, Suite 320, Philadelphia, PA 19107