College Fair FAQs for Students


I registered for the College Fair online. What should I do when I get there?
First of all, thanks for registering online! When you get the the Kimmel Center on Nov. 7, you will find registration tables when you enter the lobby (Commonwealth Plaza) from Broad Street. Please check in and get your goodie bag before you head in to talk with college reps or attend one of our workshops.

What's in the Goodie Bag?
You'll get some Project 440 gear, your workshop raffle card, the schedule for the day and a map so you can easily find the colleges that interest you. Of course, you might want to visit them all - you never know what will pique your interest!

I did not register online. Can I still come to the College Fair? What do I need to do when I get there?
No worries - you won't be turned away! When you walk in the front doors of the Kimmel Center (from Broad Street), please stop by one of the registration tables. We'll give you a goodie bag and ask you to sign in and give us some contact info so we can follow up with you. Then you're free to head on in!

What's the deal with the workshops? Do I have to attend if I go to the College Fair? The workshops we are presenting that day are all geared towards helping you understand the college application process. You are not required to attend, but we strongly encourage you to! You won't regret it. Plus, you'll be eligible to win cool stuff, like Live Nation tickets and Wawa gift cards.

What are the workshop topics? And what's the schedule? Will I miss the College Fair if I attend workshops?
You will NOT miss the College Fair by attending workshops. We have scheduled them all so that you'll have plenty of time to talk to college reps AND attend workshops.

The workshop topics and schedule can be found here.

How does the raffle work?
When you register, you'll get a small card with your name on it and icons for each of the workshops. This card is your raffle ticket. When you attend a workshop, one of our volunteers will hole-punch your card. You must attend at least three workshops to participate in the raffle drawing. When you have three different holes punched on your card, just drop it in the raffle bowl and stick around for the drawing at the end of the day!

What are the raffle prizes?
Raffle prizes include tickets to Live Nation concerts, tickets to a Philadelphia Orchestra performance, and Wawa gift cards.

Will anything else be going on during the College Fair? Why yes, there will! We will have a Photo Booth where you can get your picture taken in a frame with your friends!

Where can I find parking nearby?
There are lots of parking lots in the area, and there is also street parking. We recommend that you use Google to find the parking most convenient for you. Also, the Kimmel Center is easily accessible by public transit - especially the Broad Street Line.

Will there be food at the College Fair?
We are not able to provide food for you, but there are food trucks, restaurants and a Wawa all within a few blocks. You are welcome to bring your own food into the Kimmel Center.