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Project 440 is an industry leader in preparing young musicians to use their musical gifts to transform lives and transform communities.

What We Provide to Students:

  • Opportunities to develop leadership, communication, collaboration, and problem-solving skills
  • Hands-on experience creating and presenting interactive performances that engage new audiences in their community
  • Practical experience developing entrepreneurial projects
  • Advice and mentorship from industry leaders
  • Heightened awareness of social responsibility and avenues for giving back
  • Access to coaching with accomplished professional musicians
  • Exploration of 21st Century career paths in the field of music
  • Guidance in the college application process - finding the right fit, and how scholarships and grants can make it affordable
  • Advice and support regarding the college audition process
  • Concrete ideas and tools for success as social entrepreneurs

Our Seminars

College and career preparedness

In a lively and engaging way, our presenters provide information young musicians need to choose the right college; understand the difference between conservatory, university and liberal arts college; know what resources are available to assist them during the application process; prepare for college auditions and interviews; navigate the college financial maze of loans, grants, scholarships and budgets; and start to think about how to get the most out of life in college. In addition, we help them to begin to articulate their values, passions and career goals.

Leadership and entrepreneurship

Our Leadership and Entrepreneurship Seminar serves as an overview of the concept of social entrepreneurship. Students explore the fundamentals of entrepreneurship, real examples of entrepreneurship for musicians, and opportunities to come up with their own great ideas. At the same time, we underscore our belief that music is a powerful tool for social good.  We explore 21st Century career paths, and teach them how to build their "professional toolkit" so they can thoughtfully and dynamically present themselves to prospective employers and audiences.While honing their leadership and problem-solving skills, we guide our students through the process of turning their ideas into future entrepreneurial projects that they present to a panel in our own version of "shark tank".

Community Engagement and interactive performance

Community engagement and service is one of our core values. In this seminar, we introduce new ways of thinking about how to engage audiences who may not be familiar with the music or instruments our students are playing. They brainstorm a variety of entry points, or ideas that can create meaning for their listeners - historical, narrative, musical (e.g. harmony, rhythm), etc. - and in small groups, choose a piece of music and an entry point and create the outline for an engaging performance.

Our  Intensive Workshops

440 Social Enterpreneurs

Over the course of 7 to 8 weeks, our 440 Social Entrepreneurs take their great ideas to the next level. We expose them to existing, successful and innovative ventures through a speaker series with industry experts. We teach them about the entrepreneurial mindset. Working with our entrepreneur coaches and mentors, most of whom are or were at some time musicians, the students are encouraged to think creatively while learning how to turn a fledgling concept into reality. We give them hands-on experience with planning and marketing, determination and perseverance. We encourage them to seize the opportunity to use music as a tool to create a better world, and to be community leaders in the process. And, of course, when they have completed the program, these young social entrepreneurs present their projects in the "shark tank" finale.

"My first eye opening experience was a series of social entrepreneurship workshops with Project 440." - Allen L., NYO2 Violinist
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Project 440 Presents!

This is P440's chamber ensemble/interactive performance program. Over the course of several weeks, our accomplished teaching artists coach small ensembles of young musicians in the art of interactive performance, P440-style. Although we also place a repertoire coach with each of the ensembles to ensure the highest possible level of artistry, our focus is on helping the students to create their own unique, engaging interactive program. Students learn how to write a script, how to collaborate as a team, and how to speak to their audiences. Once they have a script, Project 440 staff help them to find venues for presentation of their interactive performances. When our 440 Student Ambassadors play for younger children, they serve as role models, promoting their art form while building collaboration, leadership and public speaking skills.

"Through Project 440, I not only grew as a musician and performer, but also as an educator. I am very grateful for the invaluable lessons, opportunities, and experiences Project 440 has given me." - Raymond Z., All City Bass Player
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A Musician's Guide to Social Entrepreneurship provides young music students with the relevant tools and information for a career in music in the 21st Century. The book, written and published by Project 440 experts, complements our seminar courses by delving further into the college experience, the entrepreneurial musician, and community engagement. It also includes model voices including artist statements, "I wish someone had told me..." advice and real examples of musicians as social entrepreneurs.

          partnership with PHILADELPHIA'S ALL CITY MUSIC PROGRAM

          partnership with PHILADELPHIA'S ALL CITY MUSIC PROGRAM

Project 440 is the lead Program Enrichment Partner for the School District of Philadelphia's All City Music Program. 

We have expanded the opportunities available to students in the All-City Program to include Project 440 seminars and workshops. We created the first-ever All City Chamber Ensemble Series for interactive performances under the auspices of  Project 440 Presents! Project 440 is also working with student groups collaborating on Social Entrepreneurship projects.

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