Project 440 Presents: Barbra Weidlein

Sunday, MAy 6, 2018

Kimmel Center, SEI Innovation Studio 300 South Broad Street

This event is FREE but you are required to complete this registration form in order to attend. 

These seminars are ideal for any high school student interested in continuing their involvement in music through college, either as a music major or otherwise.  Parents/guardians are welcome! Light snacks will be served between the seminars.

11:00AM Majoring in Music: Myths, Realities & Some Things in Between

This presentation will address concerns including:

  • Are you (or your child) thinking about majoring in music in college but caught up in worrying about what you’ll be able to do after you graduate?
  • Are you wondering what careers will be available to you beside or in addition to playing in a symphony or teaching music? Are you passionate about music as well as another field?
  • Are you a parent or guardian of a musical student and wonder how to best support them?
  • Are you someone who wonders what will happen to your love of music if you don’t major in music in college?
  • …And do you really have to go to college to become a musician?


2:00PM For the Rest of Your Life in Music: How to Become a Proactive Musician

In every career, there are “occupational hazards” - potential injuries and dangers specific to each career - that may get in the way of being able to continue to pursue that career. Music is no exception. This presentation will help you become a “proactive musician” - one who is aware of the main occupational hazards facing musicians and who take steps to avoid them, interrupt them, or get help for them as soon as possible.