Project 440 Key Staff

Joseph Conyers, Executive Director
Assistant Principal Bass of The Philadelphia Orchestra, Joseph was named Music Director for the School District of Philadelphia's All City music program in 2015. He and two other musicians founded the Savannah Chamber Players in Georgia in 2007. When Joseph joined The Philadelphia Orchestra, he brought Project 440 (formerly Savannah Chamber Players) to Philadelphia and has worked tirelessly ever since to ensure the organization's success.
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Julie Flower, Managing Director
Julie has been actively engaged in the arts and education as an audience member, a supporter, a board member and a manager. A graduate of Swarthmore College, with a Master’s Degree in History of Art from Bryn Mawr College, Julie has worked and volunteered for arts organizations and educational institutions throughout her professional career. Her non-profit management experience includes the Philadelphia Art Alliance, the Arts & Business Council, and The School in Rose Valley. She was the first board president for the Philadelphia Fringe Festival (AKA LiveArts), a board member and volunteer manager for Big House (plays & spectacles), board member and development committee chair at The School in Rose Valley.

Susanna Loewy, Program Director / Lead Teaching Artist
When Susanna was five, she threw her violin across the room and stopped taking lessons. Then in fifth grade, when she wanted to join the school band, her flute-playing mom told her to “pick anything but the flute.” So, Susanna marched into the band room and said, “I’m gonna play the flute like my mom.” She has been devoted to music ever since. While Susanna initially thought she’d follow the orchestral route, she is currently fulfilled and excited by a career that involves many different forms of playing, teaching, and organizing. She is especially proud of Pikes Falls Chamber Orchestra, the music festival she founded in Vermont. Susanna has a tattoo that states the advice her college teacher once told her: “Play with love.” She hopes to follow that mantra as much as possible.

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