Ken Hutchins is passionate about project 440!

Kenneth Hutchins first learned about Project 440 when attending a post-concert reception of the Philadelphia Orchestra, where he met our Executive Director, Joseph Conyers. Ken had watched the way Joseph “was absorbing musical and conducting techniques during open Orchestra rehearsals,” and recognized in him “a passion that went way beyond playing” the double bass.

Although Ken’s involvement with the Orchestra is relatively recent – a Philadelphia native, he began attending concerts just two years ago – it has been transformative for him. When his wife of four years suddenly and unexpectedly died in 2015, Ken turned to music and the arts in Philadelphia to fill the void. “My support for arts in Philadelphia,” he explains, “all derive from my connection to the Philadelphia Orchestra,” and that includes Project 440.

When asked why he is such a big P440 supporter Ken replied, “because it provides lifelong skills for participants in the Philadelphia Public Schools, not just how to play an instrument, and it represents the passion of double bassist Joseph Conyers, who came to my hometown and school district to make a difference.”

Ken made his first contribution to Project 440 in 2016, and was the primary “challenge” donor in our successful matching gift campaign this past August, helping us to raise more than $30,000 in 30 days. We are extremely grateful for his generous and continuing support!