College Preparedness and Career Pathways


LOCATION: PSTV, School District Building, 440 N. Broad Street

Spring 2018 Dates and Curriculum

Feb. 14: Introduction to the college application process
Feb. 21: College admission forms; what colleges are looking for; similarities between college athletic recruiting and recruiting for music
Feb. 28: Career Speaker
March 7: College admissions testing: myths and legends, options, and time line
March 14: The subjective aspects of college admissions: essays, interviews, letters of recommendation, etc.
March 21: CoolJobs Field Trip
March 28: How does music fit into all of this?
April 4: All about financial aid
April 11: The actual process of applying to college
April 18: Community service and giving back; student questions and concerns
April 25: Career Speaker

Participation is limited to 30 Students. We have concluded registration for Spring 2018. Students who attend a minimum number of sessions will receive a $200 Stipend!*

*1 unexcused absence and up to 2 excused absences with at least 1 week notice (shorter if emergency) to allowed; note from parent required the following week if absence is due to illness.